Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can I Get Vince Young To Buffalo?

Time to see how much muscle I, as a full-time lawyer in Wisconsin, and part-time sports (?) blogger (?) can bring to bear on the greatest task I will ever undertake:

Getting Vince Young to the Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills have not had a great quarterback -- or even a good one -- (sorry, Obi Wan Fitzpatrick!) since Doug Flutie. And, not coincidentally, they haven't made the playoffs since he was with them. They are tied with the lowly Detroit Lions for longest playoff drought -- 11 seasons without a playoff appearance.

But at least the Lions have been trying. The last quarterback of note to start for the Bills was Drew Bledsoe -- in 2004. (The less said about Bledsoe's last game as a Bill, the better -- that's the game where the Bills, with a playoff berth on the line, couldn't manage to beat the Steelers' third string. Pleh.)

I've sat idly by while the Bills have let great QB after great QB go without even trying to bring one in, and all the while watched while they make a laughingstock of themself. But I can't do that any longer.

Buffalo, you've got to start trying. It's bad enough that you hired Chan Gailey, whose last job before coaching (?) the team was 2nd shift manager at Arby's. It's bad enough you let talented players go and draft so poorly it's like you're going through the Bengals' trash bins to come up with your list. I'm reasonably sure you're attempting to drive attendance down so that you can move the team to Canada. But enough's enough.

Get Vince Young. Go get him and prove to your fans that you care, because if you don't, we won't.

You football fans -- and the remaining three other Buffalo Bills fans -- help me out. Post on Twitter, or Facebook if anyone but your aunt is still on Facebook, or on whatever website you can, that The Bills Need Vince!

And, more importantly, email the Bills and tell them The Bills Need Vince!. Click here to email the Bills.. (The email will go to Guest Services, the best email I could find. But I'm pretty sure they'll get it to Chan, once he's done with his shift at the car wash.)


Rogue Mutt said...

Don't they also have 100-year-old Marv Levy or whatever his name helping them run the show? I'm not sure Vince--or any decent QB--would want to go to the Buffalo/Toronto Bills without a shitload of money. It's like trying to convince a free agent to come to Detroit or Cleveland, only worse because Buffalo's an even crummier city that routinely gets a foot of snow or more in winter. They do have good chicken wings, though.

Really the Cowboys should cut Romo and bring in Vince Young so he can be back in Texas. Then Romo, who idolized Favre, can make a name for himself on the snowy Buffalo/Toronto tundra. (Also, we could stop hearing ESPN pretend like Tony Romo is a great quarterback...) Everyone wins!

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