Friday, August 12, 2011

That is the FASTEST anyone has ever given up on a season.

Who's the hot prospect in college football that everyone will want to draft number one next year? I only ask because the Buffalo Bills have set their sights on him by trading away the best player on their roster in exchange for... I don't know. Lunch?

From Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills traded their highest paid player today by sending receiver Lee Evans to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a draft pick.

The move comes after days of speculation that the Bills were fielding offers for Evans. The draft pick is a fourth-rounder, according to ESPN.

Bills' sports writers, not wanting to admit that they'll have to transfer to Toronto in a year or two if they want to live in the same city as the team they cover, are claiming it's a good idea:

Receiver is perhaps the deepest position on the Bills team. ... The deal leaves Stevie Johnson as the Bills' No. 1 wideout. Roscoe Parrish and David Nelson are next on the depth chart and usually play out of the slot positions. Nelson can play on the outside, as well. The Bills added former first-round pick Buster Davis last week. He was signed after being released by San Diego. The Bills have high hopes for big fourth-round pick Marcus Easley, who missed all of his rookie year last season to injury. Second-year man Donald Jones is a lock to make the team. He can play outside as well. The deal helps the bid of Buffalo's Naaman Roosevelt to make the team. Roosevelt was called up to the 53-man roster the latter part of last season and has looked good in camp.

Sounds deep to me. Let's see: guy who was injured before he ever played, guy who was cut by San Diego, guy who couldn't make the team last year. We're set.

Just to put this in perspective: Lee Evans was the best wide receiver on the Bills for a long time, including last year ... and he didn't rank in the top 50 receivers overall... in the AFC, even.

So how bad are the guys behind him?

And the Bills, with Evans, ranked 12th in the AFC in receiving yards last year, and 9th in receiving touchdowns. Do you really think they got better by doling out the best player on their roster?

Apparently, hiring Chan Gailey to work part time as the Bills' coach when he's not supervising at Arby's wasn't enough to sink the team down low enough that the owner can move them to Canada. But don't fret, Ralph Wilson -- if this doesn't do it, you could always just start randomly assaulting the fans who still bother to show up hoping the Bills will win a game.

Here's what Buffalo will no longer be seeing, and what Ravens fans would see if Joe Flacco hadn't gotten his job by default:

And here, for good measure, is a guy named Lee Evans who apparently is a comedian. I'm not 100% sure but he kind of looks like the pizza delivery guy from There's Something About Mary:


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