Saturday, August 13, 2011

Way to give your fans hope, Buffalo!

Hot on the heels of the Toronto Bills' decision to blow off the NFL season entirely by trading the most talented person on their roster for a guy they'll cut in week 2 next year comes this disturbing Tweet from the official Bills' Twitter feed:

QBs Brad Smith and Joshua Nesbitt will see action under center tonight. Smith will also return kicks along w/ Da'Norris Searcy

You may wonder, if you are a football fan, what a quarterback -- even one as generically-named as Brad Smith is -- is doing returning kicks -- but that's because you are not privy to the genius mind of Coach?/Arby's Assistant Manager Chan Gailey, who saw in QB Brad Smith lots of potential.

Brad Smith, you see, played quarterback in college, but was then made a wide receiver by the Jets when he was drafted. The Jets know a thing or two about personnel -- or so you'd assume by the fact that they've made it deep into the playoffs two years running.

But Chan knows a thing or two, as well -- or so Buffalo fans are praying, because who wants to get a passport out everytime you go watch your "home" team play? Says Chan:

“I see him being used in a similar role as I used Kordell Stewart in Pittsburgh. He can play some receiver and quarterback. He gives you a lot of versatility. He can play special teams, cover kicks and return kicks.”

As I said: genius. You can't go wrong modeling your team after the Kordell-era Steelers -- the team Chan was an offensive coordinator for, helping them to an 11-5 record and the AFC championship game. Of course, that team had Jerome Bettis at running back and Yancey Thigpen at wide receiver. So, um, there's that.

Overall, though, if Smith plays quarterback, and on special teams, he saves you at least 3, maybe 4 roster spaces. That's that many fewer lockers to pack up and move across the border in the middle of the night. Ralph Wilson is always conscious of the bottom line.


Rogue Mutt said...

Someone should have told Chan the Wildcat got old two years ago. Maybe they should try packaging that 4th round pick they got with another one and get Carson Palmer. He's not great, but probably an upgrade over what they have now.

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