Friday, September 2, 2011

Doug Flutie will always be my favorite... Buffalo Bill? Charger? Patriot*? Messiah?

The news that Alexa Flutie will be cheerleading for the Patriots* made me initially a little bit...

... what's the word I'm looking for? Not outraged, because outrage should properly be limited to things that actually matter (do you hear me, Simon Pegg? Things that actually matter... people are starving in the world, and you're outraged about Ewoks blinking?)

Not annoyed, even. Not even bothered a little. Let's try again

The news that Alexa Flutie -- who bears a disturbing resemblance to her dad and therefore that picture to the right makes me confused -- will be cheerleading for the Patriots* made me think well, that doesn't seem right, because in my mind, Doug Flutie is a Buffalo Bill -- he led them to the playoffs, twice, after all, their last two times to the playoffs, and he'd have led them to the Super Bowl except that Wade Phillips was determined to not advance in the playoffs and started Mr Glass -- but then, as soon as I thought that, I thought was he really?

What team should Flutie be most associated with, I wondered, so I looked up his records. Everyone knows he played for Boston College, but I didn't know that he was drafted by the then-Los Angeles Rams, but actually began his career playing for the USFL's New Jersey Generals, then played for the Bears, the Patriots (pre-asterisk)(that was in the strike year, with Flutie crossing the picket lines to play), the CFL's Lions, Stampeders, and Argonauts, then the Bills and the Chargers, then the Patriots* (asterisk era) again.

In terms of time spent, Flutie's got three years as a Charger and three years as a Stampeder, which seems like I should say it's ironic because those are really the same thing, aren't they? 1 U.S. Charger = 1.1 Canadian Stampeders, and I officially now think that our countries should change their currencies to those names because that would be awesome sauce.

But in terms of success, he had the most with the Bills, didn't he? Two playoff runs, after all -- but as a Charger, he became the oldest player to score two rushing touchdowns in a game, and he rushed for a touchdown to beat his ex-team, the Bills.

So what's Flutie supposed to be remembered as? This is the problem with free agency -- players like Barry Sanders are remembered as a part of a team (even when they quit on said team), while players like Flutie aren't associated with anyone in particular.

Or is it part of the magic of Flutie that we can all share in him? Is Flutie a modern-day NFL messiah, with every NFL fan entitled to have their own view of him and make of him what they will? Maybe so: After all, Flutie, like another famous guy who inspired a lot of people, was created by a Mary.

And people can eat things in remembrance of him:

Yep, I'm definitely going to Hell.

Magic Flutie:

Magic FLUTE:


Rogue Mutt said...

Every couple years the problem comes up in baseball over what hat a certain player or manager should be depicted as wearing on his Hall of Fame plaque. Like Wade Boggs (best known as a Red Sox third baseman) wanted to go in as a Tampa Bay Devil Ray, even having a clause in his contract about it, but I'm sure he was enshrined as a Red Sox anyway if he made the hall yet.

Or a couple years ago manager Sparky Anderson was inducted as a Cincinnati Red. While he was the manager during the "Big Red Machine" days, people in Detroit had a claim on him too because he led the Tigers to their last world championship and managed here longer than Cinncy.

I don't think anyone's "right" in those situations; it depends on the individual's point of view and their memories of the player.

Briane P said...

I think it's part of why we see the players becoming more and more flamboyant -- because the player becomes the team. It was (is?) that way with me and Favre -- it didn't matter where he played, I rooted for him. So loyalty to the player may ultimately replace loyalty to a team. If enough people think like me, that is, which is NEVER gonna happen.

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