Thursday, September 8, 2011

Introducing the inaugural Peter King Super Bowl Prediction List! (Thursday's Sporting List)

So I didn't finish my NFL preview by the first day of games (I never do) but since the games don't actually start to matter until week 4, and since the NFL, unlike college football, lets you lose as many as nine games and still have a shot at the title, I'm free to continue to do my preview until about week five of the NFL season, which is nice because I'll be walking out on Week 3, and so should you unless you're heartless.

But I'm still aware that the season starts today -- mostly because The Boy is coming over to watch Green Bay play the Saints on our TV, because he says it's better, and making us buy pizza for him, because apparently pizza is better if someone else pays for it.  So to honor the season starting today, I'm going to give you:

The PETER KING List Of People Who Have So Far Dared To Make A Super Bowl Prediction, and What They Picked.

This list is named for Peter King because King's been getting mentioned this year for his "spot-on" pick of the Steelers and Packers last year as the Super Bowl teams.

That "spot on" pick, of course, was for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. So it's not clear what the spot was on, exactly.  (He also picked Carolina to make the post-season. They ended up getting Useless Cam Newton in the draft at #1).  King also changed his pick during the season, and then changed it back later on.  So the moral of the story is that if you pick as many different combinations as possible, you've got to hit on one sooner or later.

Hence the name, hence the list.  Here's people's picks, with the odds of that team winning as currently measured in Vegas.

1.   Peter King:  Detroit Lions.  (34-1)

2.  Dan Patrick: Steelers-Falcons, Falcons win. (16-1)

3.  Yahoo! Ask! (Best answer chosen by voters): Saints 38, Ravens 26.  (13-1)

4.  Peter King: Green Bay.  (6.2-1)

5.  Mark Clayton, ESPN: Patriots and Packers.  (I didn't hear the winner). (5.35-1, 6.2-1)

6.  The Other Guy on ESPN Radio Sunday afternoons. Saints-Colts (I didn't hear who he picked to win, either.)(I had things to do):  (13-1, 30-1)

7.  Me -- Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! -- Kansas City over Green Bay, 21-17 (Made back on July 2, 2011). (45-1)

8.    Peter King, Atlanta-San Diego (16-1).


Rogue Mutt said...

It's always hard to believe people get paid to be wrong so often.

The Lions? Ha! Maybe if it were Mel Kiper picking who were getting the #1 pick next year.

Football's really hard to pick, which is why I stopped playing fantasy football. With all the injuries and just whatever happens to guys from one year to the next that someone who was great one year stinks the next, you might as well throw a dart at a list of NFL teams.

The dart's going with the Cleveland Browns. Spread the word! And wait for the dart to get a million-dollar salary from ESPN if it's right.

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