Friday, September 9, 2011

Update On God: He coaches the Green Bay Packers! (God Sporting News)

It's increasingly easy to keep track of the Almighty and what He likes and doesn't like -- and you don't need to be Michele "Mad Eye" Bachmann to figure things out.  All you have to to is ask an athlete.  Sometimes, after all, God speaks indirectly through athletes, like when He bestows His glory on Larry Fitzgerald by giving him $120,000,000 unearned dollars.  Other times, God acts more directly -- like when He knocks passes out of Bills' receiver's hands.

And sometimes God coaches special teams, like he did on the inaugural NFL game last night.  While any deity might have been thrilled with what turned out to be a barnburner of a game (one that was made more barnburner-y by Aaron Rodgers' continued inability to play well in the second half of big games), the God I'm Talking About wasn't content to just let things, you know, happen.  He had to intervene -- and went against America's Team and in favor of The Team That Forgot Favre.

What am I talking about?  The big touchdown return by Packers' rookie Randall Cobb; on that play, Cobb caught the ball in the back of the endzone, and Packers Coach "Mike" McCarthy had given strict orders to down the ball in that situation.

But Cobb was listening to a higher power.  No, not The Anointed One; The Supreme Being.  Asked why he defied his coach's directives and ran the ball out, Cobb said:

"I just trusted in God."

Well, sure, you say, but that's not God intervening, that's just a young man having faith that he's doing the right thing.

Except that Cobb went on:

"He told me to bring it out."
 Which, really, how can "Mike" McCarthy be upset about that?  I mean, not only did he run it back for a touchdown, but it was divinely ordered.


Rogue Mutt said...

And if he'd been tackled or fumbled, would it still have been God who told him to do it or would it have been Satan?

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