Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aaron Rodgers: Interdimensional QB. (Brett Favre's Legacy Update)

"He can win two Super Bowls, but he still has a way to go to match Brett Favre's career."

That was Dan Patrick on his show on Friday of this week, discussing what Aaron Rodgers might have to do to match Brett Favre; I tuned in late to the discussion, so I didn't know why Dan was talking about Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers that day. At first I assumed it was that there was some sort of universal rule that said that a week cannot pass without mentioning Brett Favre in a football context. (A rule I'm fine with, by the way, since Favre made football exciting and I think we can all agree that the NFL is a little less exciting this year than it was last year, in that with Favre gone there's that much more time to devote to covering the Jacksonville Jaguars, which in the end is a net loss for everybody, including the Jaguars, who I'm sure would just as soon nobody pay attention to them the way I would like nobody to look at me while I'm jogging. Me exercising is like Jaguar football: I have to do it, but it's not pretty and if we all pretend it's not happening we'll all be better off.)

But, just to be sure that nothing big had happened -- did Favre sign with Miami? Did he go on the air again and say that The Anointed One ought to have won six or seven Super Bowls plus probably a Pulitzer by now? -- I googled "Aaron Rodgers" and found a couple of stories about how A-Rodg almost never fumbles, with an intriguing tag line:

In case you have trouble reading it, the lead there -- I don't spell it lede, as is all the rage among nouveau journalistas today, because that's stupid (or, as the nouveaus might say, stupde) -- is

Aaron Rodgers is excelling in a dimension of quarterbacking that is as...

But it cuts off! And if you click on the link you find out that to get the rest of the story as Paul Harvey liked to say, you have to join the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's insider club or something, and I refuse to join anything just to get news, even news as important as what dimension quarterback Aaron Rodgers is currently residing in.

Is it the fifth? I bet it's the fifth.

Which brings to mind another dimension-traveling quarterback:

Hard to say if that's a brilliant, ahead-of-its-time movie or the Packers' walk-through for the Bears' game, right?

I guess what I'm saying is that Dan Patrick is holding Brett Favre up as the ultimate paragon of all quarterback-ery, which of course he is, but let's not discount the possibility that Aaron Rodgers might yet save the universe.


Tim Morrissey said...

This "pay to unlock more content" is just the print medium trying to find its way in the digital world. (I don't pay, either.)

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