Monday, March 26, 2012

As you act in sports, so you act in life. (Quotent Quotables)

"That tells you that you’ve got someone here who can relate to the voters in Wisconsin, just like those of us in western Pennsylvania who grew up in the bowling lanes."

-- Rick Santorum, making an apparently serious suggestion that voters in Wisconsin should ignore the fact that he was paid $500,000+ to ignore child rape, murder, and unauthorized exorcisms at a hospital he ran and instead vote for him because bowled three strikes in a row.

Rick Santorum knows how to get to the hearts of Wisconsin voters, as cheese-clogged as they might be: suck up to the sportsman in them. Over the weekend, Santorum did everything he could to get people to forget that as president he would institute Inquisition 2012 and instead focus on how folksy he is -- visiting Lambeau Field and drinking a beer while playing shuffleboard at a Green Bay bar.

Leaving aside that Rick Santorum is a horrible human being who recently tried to blame his handicapped daughter for his lack of charitable giving even though Santorum's net worth may be as high as $2,600,000, and leaving aside that this former frat boy millionaire graduated from high school in Illinois and had his first job at a giant law firm where salaries begin at $80,000 a year and so Rick Santorum has about as much in common with the blue collar workers he's sucking up to as an bowl of slime has in common with a homo sapiens...

(Rick Santorum is the bowl of slime in that simile)

...leaving all that aside, did you notice that nowhere in the press coverage did Santorum say what score he got?

Claiming that an unusual result midway through a contest somehow equates to a good outcome, when the real outcome is unknown or hasn't happened yet, seems to be symbolic of Santorum's candidacy.

This post appears on both Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! and Publicus Proventus.


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