Monday, May 14, 2012

It doesn't have to Armor ALL to keep me happy -- just Armoring one car is my goal.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Armor All for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I leave my car outside all the time.  Not by choice – our garage has space for two cars, but I’m not very good at cleaning up the half that I’m supposed to use for my car.

So my car sits outside, which is fine, as I’m not that big on stuff like “how my car looks” or “what people think of me” or “knowing how to make a blueberry pie because what’s the point when you can buy one at a bakery for like $5?”

(That last one is my Motto of the Week.)

But I am big on making sure my car lasts.  I don’t want to go buy a new car, so I decided, yesterday, that I need to start taking care of my car – which is why I was interested to learn about Armor All having a new Extreme Shield Wax that’s easy to use and helps protect your car.

If you’re like me, you haven’t waxed a car since 1988 when you took the Datsun you bought for $200 out into the driveway and waxed it, painstakingly, rubbing the wax on, letting it sit, then wiping it off.  That was hard to do and took a long time.  So I wasn’t crazy about the idea of waxing my car (and also, the Datsun didn’t look any better back then, so what was the point?)

But the new Armor All lets you just wipe it on and wipe it off, and it protects the car by repelling dirt and grim away, letting my car look better even though it sits outside in rain and sleet and all the other junk Wisconsin calls “weather” the 9 months of the year that this state is uninhabitable.

I was sold, and you should be, too – especially if you’ve got a car that already took a beating. See, Armor All is having a contest to give away a 2012 Camaro, and all you’ve got to do is send them a picture of your car.  It doesn’t have to be a junker or have taken a beating (although that might help?) – you just send them a picture through their Facebook page:

Then like Armor All on Facebook and you’re entered. 

I’ve done it – so you should, too, and then get out and protect your car. Or, if you’ve already protected yours, come over and help me with mine.  Armor All’s easy and all, but that doesn’t mean I want to take time away from my busy schedule of not cleaning my garage.ArmorAllnonsampleBlogCopy.doc

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