Monday, October 8, 2012

Chipper Jones is my new favorite person ever. (Quotent Quotables)

Chipper Jones, meet Green Bay Packers fans.  Green Bay Packers fans, quit wallowing in your stupidity about how the Seahawks' Worst Call Ever wrecked everything for you and meet Chipper Jones.  If losing to the Colts yesterday didn't convince you that refs don't lose games, teams do, then consider what Chipper Jones has to say about a bad call that came in his last game ever, and a playoff game, to boot.

The game? The one-game wild card playoff, Jones' first playoff appearance since 2005.

The call? A misapplication of the infield fly rule that kept Atlanta from loading up the bases and instead gave them their second out of the inning.

Chipper Jones' reaction to the call that was so bad Atlanta fans threw garbage on the field?

Ultimately when we look back at this loss, we need to look in the mirror...That [infield fly] call is in kind of a gray area. I’m not willing to say that call caught us the ball game. Three errors cost us the ball game, mine being the biggest.

Jones went on to say "We dug ourselves too big a hole," and refused to blame a bad call for "costing him the game."

 It helps, of course, that the call came in the 8th inning, when there was still an inning left to play -- it's easier to not blame a call for "losing the game" when it happens earlier in the game -- but that alone should tell Packer fans that calls don't lose games, no matter when they happen

In any event, Chipper Jones is hereby named my new favorite person ever.  And Packer fans? How long will you go on blaming refs for your team being 2-3?

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PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Really, even with that bad call there was only two outs and the next guy walked so it wasn't JUST that call. If you want to blame someone, blame Michael Bourn for striking out with the bases loaded. Or blame yourselves for created a 20 minute delay that probably messed with your team's minds as much as anything.

Still, it highlights a problem in baseball where umpires make terrible calls and then are too stubborn to ask other umpires for help and just stonewall and stick to their story until the next day when the replays have been shown on ESPN nonstop and then, "Gee whiz, I made a mistake. Oops." Like Jim Joyce, who ruined a perfect game for my beloved Tigers. Jerk.

I don't really want a replay system like football because that slows down an already slow game but it would be nice if umpires would at least be willing to huddle up and discuss things to try and get them right.


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