Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Electronic Fish Tacos From Jupiter Save The Day??!? Part FIVE: Forever Live And Die

This is part FIVE of this story.

IT BEGAN HERE, WENT ON TO PART 2 HERE AND THEN WENT ON TO PART 3 HERE. And this is where Part FOUR was, but if you're new to it go read it from part one and there'll be links to get you back here at the end of each part.

Totally worth it, by the way.  Totally worth it.



5 walked in and Jimmy Earwig wasted no time at all.  He could not fight this number in a fair battle and he could not waste further time because time was what 5 needed, he knew, to unravel the thin wall... never mind.  It was time to get all imaginary up in here.

"Malis Ab," he whispered under his breath, and concentrated for what seemed, in one timeline, like an eternity but for another timeline only the time it took him to say that phrase and as he did it the universe -- for there was just one now -- turned inside out.

He could only do this for a moment.  They all could.  But only the leader of Seal Team i was authorized to perform the Alternate Root and in an instant, everything shifted, not as though it had been twisted around but rather as if the entire universe had been shoved through a mirror and was now inside the mirror looking back at itself, everything reversed but not quite, and Jimmy Earwig had just seconds to realize that whatever had been outside the combined multiverses was now inside it and vice versa, and even less than that to dive forward into 5 and tackle it.

He knew what he was doing but didn't know what it would do. When he made contact with 5, he was the only person in the universe that retained his, its, original chirality, but he had no idea how that would affect 5, let alone anyone else around him.

5 seemed to have some inkling, because it tried to dive behind a pair of burly 7s to no avail.  Jimmy was on it and tackling it, pummeling it with fists that had climbed up salt cliffs on Mercury, that had gouged a dragon's eyes in the center of a planet that was hollow.

He didn't need them, because as soon as he touched 5 it crumpled into dust particles and he was hitting the ground beneath it, where his knees and feet and hands touched disintegrating everything they came into contact with, too.

He stopped, and felt himself sinking into the ground that he knelt on.  The air that he was breathing -- reversed like everything else in the universe -- was disintegrating, too.  He gasped, unable to inhale the particles.  He was waist deep in the molten soup of dismbodied particles that was all that remained of anything that he touched.

His gear fell off of him, affected by his unique status, too, and he was naked, sinking into a cloud of loose subatomic specks, watching the numbers around him back off, the rest of Seal Team i looking on in horror.  Nobody had ever done Alternate Root before and it was obvious why.

He was free-falling, faster and faster, into matter that he just as quickly converted to nothingness, matter as it existed before matter existed as a concept.  He had no idea how many seconds had passed since he had invoked the most unique power of Seal Team i.  He wished he hadn't.

"Now I am become Death, the shatterer of worlds," he said to himself.  The sound waves he generated would not have carried any further than his own lips, anyway, unable to interact with the rest of the Universe he may have saved.

Or may have doomed.

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Andrew Leon said...

Ah, I learned something today!

You know that you have part six in the title instead five?

Rusty Webb said...

The plot thickens. Rusty will save them all.


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