Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aquatic workouts and physical therapy are what you need. Or what I need. What we all need, let's face it.

So the thing about me working out and trying to get in shape is, I AM OLD.

And also I have had a LOT of injuries.

Plus, I'm old.

So when I work out, in addition to just the exercise and all that I am also dealing withe impact injuries and that means sore knees and sore feet and aching joints and all of that can add up to make me want to work out less frequently.

Given that, imagine if you have to rehabilitate an injury, a really serious one like when I had a slipped disc that led to back surgery? Or if you're getting into shape after a heart attack, like I had to do? (I told you: I'm old.  Plus I'm easily injured.)

One solution is to do something like the aquatic therapy orange county offered by In Motion OC.  That link will take you to their site, but I checked it out for you and I can tell you, it looks  promising.

They've got both fitness and physical therapy programs leds by people with doctorates in physical therapy,  in an indoor, heated pool. There's private treatment rooms, light therapy, pilates, and they take something like 120 different insurance programs and plans.

The best exercise I've done in the past few years has been water-based.  When I first had the heart attack I would walk in the pool to get a low-impact but resistance-y workout, and this past summer swimming was an integral part of my plan to lose weight.  I can see where aquatic physical therapy would be a GREAT idea.  Check it out yourself and see if you agree.


Andrew Leon said...

I'm not a water person.

Charles D. Mancuso said...

Physical therapy is now popular one.Most of like the therapy. I am also like comfortable foot massager therapy .It's my favorite therapy.i mind that any one take it.


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