Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finnegan's Awake, 3 (Seal Team i)

Seal Team i protects the multiverses from threats both large and small.  And they appear in serialized stories like this one!

Our story so far: On its way to a rogue agent who is threatening to use a planet like a cue ball in a game of billiards, Seal Team i is attacked from within and without.  Feel like starting at the beginning? PROBABLY A GOOD IDEA. Read part one here.

PART THREE: I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends.

Negative Jimmy reacted automatically, years of training taking over, and pushed the helmet, with its screaming head, off to one side as he kicked away from the battlesuited body, which he knew would do exactly what it did the next moment, which was to get up and start attacking the team members, who by now were in full combat mode.  These being elite fighters, the next few things all happened in the course of a few seconds:

Tommy's headless body activated its battlesuit.

Negative Jimmy grabbed the still-screaming decapitated head-in-a-helmet and began trying to wrestle it out while yelling "Sarge! Ion! Take it out!", the pronoun it needing no explanation.  Sarge rolled over and felt himself careening off the wall as the ship they were in did a barrel roll to avoid the solar flare.  Ion, still strapped into his seat, fired several bolts of blue electricity at the battlesuit, which crackled and twisted under the electrical impulses.  When Sarge got his feet, he joined in the attack.

The ship pulled abruptly back, stopping what had seemed to be a dive and beginning to climb.

"TARGETS IDENTIFIED" the onboard battle computer announced.

"Pilot report!" Jimmy yelled into his mike as he continued trying to pull Tommy's head out of its helmet.  The head was still screaming wordlessly, a mindless drone that ululated up and down and sometimes grew hoarse but never stopped.

"I don't see anything," the pilot came back.


Jimmy realized with a sick feeling in his stomach that the onboard battle computer should not be talking.  After what had happened with Zero in the Emulsion, all sentient computers had been disconnected.

Then Tommy's body, which was essentially a glowing blue ball of energy at that point, rolled left, suddenly, and disintegrated two of the team members as it crashed over them and out the bulkhead, blasting itself into space and creating a whirlwind of air as the rest of the contents of the troop carrier were sucked out, too.

Negative Jimmy's helmet was already sealed.  He activated the magnetic soles of his boots and stood his ground, as did Sarge and a few of the others, but at least six of the men were pulled into space.


"We didn't do this one," said one of the tentacles' assistants.

"I wonder who did," the tentacles said, beginning to slither more angrily.

It was one thing, after all, to test the capabilities of one's enemy as it approached.

It was another, entirely, to waste food.


Jimmy finally had Tommy's head out of the helmet, but it was still screaming.  Outside the breach in the hull he could see the blue-glowing fingers of Tommy's suit gripping the edge of the hole, while the Seal Team members who had been pulled out activated thruster packs and began coming back towards the ship.

"Take evasive..." he said into the mike but it was too late, as the battle cannons cleanly picked off all six of them, almost instantly.


"Find the source of the interruption," the tentacles commanded.

"Searching for it," an assistant said.

A few seconds later, he had the answer:

"It's not coming from this universe."


Tommy's suit pulled its way back inside and unleashed a full onslaught, arm-rockets and phosphogrenades flaring and careening around the interior.  Seal Team i reacted as it should, but in the enclosed space it was hard for their suit computers to accurately track the others and avoid friendly fire, so the weaponry they could use was limited.  Tommy's suit was not so hampered and blasted indiscriminately, still flared with the energy it had absorbed from the nullification attempts.  The yellows of the phosphogrenades lingered and made it hard to see, the glare causing dampening effects on the visors as they tried to compensate, but the glow still hurt his eyes.  Reds and blues of lasers and nullifiers crisscrossed the space.  Jimmy was behind the suit and kneeling, and he used his eye-tracking  controllers to click on the powerglove.

As his glove glowed greenish he reached up and with a swift move smacked it down onto the jet pack of Tommy's suit, instantly melting the pack and the suit to slag and ending the threat.

At least, that was the plan.

Instead, Tommy's suit spun around faster than Jimmy would have expected it could and grabbed his wrist just below the green glow of the glove.

In his hand, the head suddenly stopped screaming and narrowed its eyes at Jimmy.

"What's this?" it asked.  "A new weapon that only the leaders get?"

"Something like that," Jimmy grunted in response, staring at the headless suit that was pushing his arm back.

"TARGETS IDENTIFIED" said the onboard battle computer.

Jimmy tried to ignore it but the pilot again reported nothing on the radar, and then, a moment later, as Jimmy struggled to keep the suit from pressing his green-glove back onto his own visor, the pilot said "Commercial spaceliners.  Carrying passengers.  Civilians."

"TARGETS LOCKED" said the battle computers.


"What universe is it coming from, then?" asked the tentacles.

"None of them," the assistant said.

"It's outside?" asked the tentacles incredulously.

Silence, for a moment, then:

"But only one thing was left outside."

The assistants did not answer.

"THERE WERE TWO," said a computerized voice that surrounded the tentacles.


On board the civilian ships that had just come out of their warp runs, 450 revelers on vacation celebrated their re-entry to normal space, and their nearing the planet Finnegan, by popping open bottles of champagne and toasting each other, unaware of a single thing that was going on around them.  That was probably for the best.  Let them enjoy a few more moments of happiness, and life.


Andrew Leon said...

Man, do all these seal team guys wear red shirts?

Briane P said...

Being a member of Seal Team i is a dangerous occupation. Remember, their leader was killed off in the first story ever.


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