Friday, June 21, 2013

Appliance repairs, too? Los Angeles truly is a paradise.

A while back, our ice maker in our refrigerator stopped working.

That is, the automatic ice DISPENSER stopped working.  It still makes ice, but now I had to reach in and GRAB MY OWN, like this was 1712 or something.  I thought indentured servitude was outlawed!

Anyway, I tried to fix it myself, via the time-honored method of "Taking apart whatever I could, looking at it, and then putting it back together as best I could," which of course did NOT work, but at least I didn't break the refrigerator MORE.  I mean, at least it doesn't HEAT things, now -- although I suppose if I were capable, on my own, of turning a refrigerator into an oven, that'd be quite a skill.

I bring this up because I was wondering if I should take the 'fridge to get it repaired, or I suppose have someone come here to fix it, makes more sense.  There's a guy who does Sub Zero refrigerator repair but he's in Los Angeles, which isn't the MOST helpful to me, which kind of sucks, because Appliance Repair Pros has been in business for 15 years, and they fix not just any old refrigerators but things like Sub Zero and the other top-line appliances, too, which seems impressive.  It's one thing to fix stuff, but it's another to fix the high-end, expensive stuff, and to keep in business 15 years doing it says a lot about the quality and skill they bring to fixing up the stuff in your house that you need.

It's too bad they're in Los Angeles.  Maybe if I call them up and just give them a street address, and then they'll start driving, and before they know it, they're practically here already, might as well finish up the job, right? Right.


Andrew Leon said...

Can you make a refrigerator into a hot water heater? I swear ours hates me and will choose to contain only cold water whenever I want to take a shower. Even hours after it's been used. Then, 10 minutes after I'm out of the shower, there will be hot water at the sink.

Kevin Atwood said...

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