Friday, June 21, 2013

When The Rope Broke (250=1)

In 250=1, I write stories that are exactly 250 words long, including the title.  

When The Rope Broke.

When the rope broke, the swing fell, to the ground, harmlessly.

Or not.

Harmlessly is a hard word to define, after all, and after all of that Lewis was never… sure.

One moment: swinging, higher and higher.

The next moment: upside down (almost).

The next moment: stunned and gasping windknockedouttearsin. His. Eyes.

When the rope broke, the swing fell to the ground harmlessly, but Lewis did not.  A nervous boy already, he was made more untrusting of the world after that fall, underneath the oak tree in the front yard of his neighbor’s house.

Ha ha lauged his friend’s dad I guess that rope was getting older after all helping Lewis up and making sure he’s okay, brushing him off.

Lewis at 22: gets up over and over to make sure his front door was locked. Often, when he did that, he would worry that by touching the lock to make sure it was secured, he would be bumping it into a position where it could be easily unsecured, and on those nights he slept fitfully.

Lewis at 35: starts awake in the dark of his bedroom and need to put the television on and watch “CNN Headline News” to assure himself that the world still existed.

Lewis at 52: could not believe his daughter was actually graduating high school and kept pinching himself. 

It was the same feeling he had at his own graduation.

And wedding.

And on that swing, just before the rope broke.



Pat Dilloway said...

That is a very true story how those childhood traumas can affect you, like when I left my favorite stuffed toy in a motel room in Florida and it was gone when we went back for it. Now you know why I'm so grumpy.

But really he should have sued whoever owned the swing and whoever made it for a big cash settlement.

Briane P said...

I feel like I got some insight into your soul today. *group hug*

Andrew Leon said...

I think, maybe, when I was a kid, if a rope had broken, I would have tried to authentically reproduce the incident to get that same feeling again.
That's just a guess.

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