Monday, July 29, 2013

Advertisements From A World Not Entirely Similar To Our Own, 1 (250=1)

Advertisements From A World Not Entirely Similar To Our Own, 1

“Try this one.  It’s enthralling.”

Gigi leaned over enticingly as she spoke, and he was certain, now, that she was wearing nothing beneath the dress that clung to her curves.

The goblet was crystal clear – of course! That was the only way to partake of pleasures, pleasures! such as these — and her appeal was such that he would have done almost anything just to watch those lips curl in amusement. 

But still he hesitated to take the vessel.

They say that to imbibe the souls of other men, or women, is to experience throughout your body all the torments and sorrows, and all the pleasures, too, but those were rare, for those who had felt the need to sell their souls to the distillers’ presses had few reasons to smile.

That was not what the adverts said, of course.  Everywhere one looked, a billboard or magazine layout or pop-up ad promised the healthful effects of these as-yet-unregulated draughts: invigorating effects, restoration of youthfulness, skin tone, muscles, A Spirit For Every Spirit! one commercial promised as children swung and parents laughed over backgammon, all partaking.

Gigi stared with the wide eyes he’d fallen for at the photo shoot for just such an ad.

“I’ve never…” he said.

“Then you must,” she breathed.

Her finger traced the rim of the crystalline half-sphere.  He took it from her, could barely see the ghost inside.

“Who was it?”

“Does it matter?” she purred.

In 250=1, I write stories that are exactly 250 words long including the title.  (The ad doesn't count!) Here's a list of all of them that I've written


Andrew Leon said...


A Beer For The Shower said...

That's pretty creepy. Also, I can barely drink regular spirits without grimacing. I wonder if ghosts taste better than Jack Daniels (aka paint thinner)?

Briane P said...


Depends on the ghost. But most of them are bitter. HA, get it?


Is that approval? Or disapproval? I'm going to take it as the former.

Andrew Leon said...

"freaky" is never disapproval

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