Saturday, August 24, 2013

In The Beginning, 4 (250=1)

In the beginning 4

In the beginning there was an explosion that created the universe, a blast of heat and light and power and stuff, and suddenly everything was, and we could see it all, even other things exploding, which is important because although almost nobody knows this, every explosion everywhere creates a brand-new universe.

Big explosions create big universes, little explosions create little universes.

Our own universe was created by what we think of as a universe-sized explosion, but that is actually true for every universe.

When children light off firecrackers, God-like, they create tiny little universes popping into existence as fast as you can say Happy Fourth of July! All those children with all those matches and all those little cardboard tanks filled with miniscule amounts of gunpowder are creationists beyond compare, generating fantastic tiny existences the likes of which we can only imagine.  Not to mention larger explosions.  It is sad, but true: everytime a car-bomb explodes, a new universe is born from misery.

Those universes, forgotten almost immediately if anyone even knew they exist (you know now!), spin off on their own, all their inhabitants wondering whether there is other intelligent life in the universe they inhabit, tiny as it is – they don’t know it is tiny!, to them it is universe-sized and seems infinite! -- and sometimes they wonder if there are universes outside of their own.

There are.

And also inside of their own.

It is in the nature of universes to be everywhere.


In 250=1, I write stories that are exactly 250 words long, including the title. Why? Because I can.  Here's a complete list of all of the stories like that.

Also, I think maybe my numbering is off on these titles, but what can you do? Math is not my strong suit.


Andrew Leon said...

I like your 250 word stories, by the way, which is saying a lot, because I'm not a fan of flash or micro fiction.

And here's my response to your comment in a place where you will see it:
Editing is tough but so is writing. Editing is just another skill that can be learned, and, actually, the more proficient you are at writing, the less editing you should need. Which is kind of the point.

And, also (rather than respond to the rest of what you said directly), choice is hard. Most people don't want to make their own choices; they just want someone "in charge" to tell them "this is good" or "this is bad" and just go with that. Which is why I said "it's not all their fault." It's not.

And to add:
It makes me kind of proud that you have become a disciple of my "gospel of editing." >grin<
It's ironic in many ways, mostly because I hate the editing process. heh

A Beer For The Shower said...

I love this story. Paul Simon has a song that explores this topic, in which he talks about the big bang and how it just ended up leading to more explosions.

Earth becomes a farm, farmer takes a wife
Wife becomes a river and the giver of life
Man becomes machine, oil runs down his face
Machine becomes a man with a bomb in the marketplace

Also, can I just say thank you for the most epic comment ever? I'm going to have to print that sucker out and mount it on my wall like a buck.

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