Sunday, November 10, 2013


ANNOUNCING two ways to get paid for your writing!

lit, a place for stories, is now paying for your stories! That's right -- or should I say that's write ha ha!-- this website is now a paying publisher, in two different ways.

First, you can submit any short story you want for publication. If it's accepted, I will offer to pay you between $1-$10 to publish the story on this site and in any collections of stories on this site.  Make sure you read the rules about what rights you are giving up and what rights you are giving up.  They're on the "We Pay For Stories" tab/page.  Submission rules are there, too.

Second, you can submit to

The "My Story Can Beat Up Your Story" Contest.

This is a weekly contest between two stories, which might get YOU, the author, PAID! Here's how it works:

You submit your story: any word count, any topic, any style.  It doesn't even have to be a story; it can even be a poem or essay or whatever -- basically, if you've written it, you can submit it -- to me here at "lit."

Once we have at least two stories, they will go head to head for 7 days, with readers voting by comment on which story they liked better.  After 7 days, the story with the most votes wins, and moves on to a new challenger the next week, where the process is repeated.

This gets you paid this way: When your story has its first win, you get $1.  If you win a second week, your story gets $2, and that continues to climb until it reaches $5. If your story wins 6 or more weeks in a row, each consecutive win is worth $5.  But that's PER WEEK, so if you story continues to win, you'll be making $5 a week off your writing.

And if you lose? You can submit a new story to take on the new challenger, and start trying to get paid again.

AND, your work might appear in an annual compliation of the WINNINGEST STORIES!

Again, read the official rules on the "We Pay For Stories" tab/page.

But long story short: you can get paid for your stories.  The contest could make you more money -- but the traditional way gets you guaranteed dough, so you choose!

"This news is overwhelming!"

People who read this far will be rewarded with some inside info:

What I'm really looking for is anything -- story, essay, blog post, poem, random assortment of syllables -- that either demonstrates a mastery of a traditional kind of story, a story we've read before but this is too good to pass up -- or a story that is so new, unique, or entertaining that it makes me see writing in a whole new way.

So get creative: use pictures. Embedded videos. Drawings. Play around with structure. Make up words (but not too many).

Stories about time travel will generally move to the head of the pack.


Rusty Webb said...

My god... this really is... overwhelming. And art WITH pictures, eh... sounds like I might have to dust off my comic book series I created in middle school.

Barbarians that look somewhat like the lovechild of He-Man and Conan? Yep. Magical bad guys that look suspiciously similar to Skeletor from the He-Man universe? Check. Evil henchmen that dressed just like spanish conquistadors? Yes. Women? Er, no. None of those.

So, as you can see, award winning I'm sure.

Briane P said...

We here on the editorial staff would suggest including women.

Make them as Xena-esque as you can without running afoul of copyright law.

Andrew Leon said...

No no no... They have to be like She-Ra(? That was her name, right?) if it's He-Man. Or, maybe, Red Sonja since you have Conan thrown in.

Xena is ENTIRELY different.

Briane P said...

She-Ra is also acceptable. THE BOARD HAS SPOKEN.

Tina said...

The title of the story should start with sexy...
I'm way into time travel...
And I'm almost as overwhelmed by this news as I was to discover that the leak in our basement was caused not by kids splashing water out of the bath tub as they used to when they were tots, but because the entire wall behind the tile is rotted and moldy...yeehaw! Remodeling AND impossible medical bills. Gonna be an interesting Christmas...
Tina @ Life is Good

Briane P said...


I sympathize -- we've had a car break down and our garage door explode this year.

All I want for Xmas is an insurance adjuster who will look the other way when my toaster "accidentally" falls into those 52 gas cans I happened to leave in the garage after I sort of removed all our valuable stuff.

A Beer For The Shower said...

I'm not so much interested in the money as I am in being able to tell everyone else that my story beat up theirs. YES. We'll have to think on this. I'm down for a sexy time travel space opera historical romance literary satire.

Briane P said...


I just hate to see you get pigeonholed into such an overworked genre.

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