Sunday, November 3, 2013

Some Zombie Stories, 3 (250=1)

Some Zombie Stories, 3:

“Don’t be afraid, ma’am.  He never hurts nobody,” said Travis, the night security guard at the estate’s gift shop.

“He looks so…” Lucinda stopped. Unladylike, she told herself.

Her stomach tingled, just a bit.

“Good, I know, right?” Travis said. “Lost all that weight.”

By the postcard rack, Dead Elvis Presley overheard, and turned his handsome face, slowly.  His eyes, younger than when he had died back in the 1970s, smoldered at Lucinda.  His lip curled up a bit.

“I wasn’t worried about him… hurting … me,” Lucinda breathed.  Oh, God: So unholy! This man is dead! 

And dead sexy, another tingle in her stomach. Or, to be honest, a bit lower. “I thought he was dead.”

“He’s technically a zombie, ma’am.  So we oughta burn him, but nobody wantsa do that. He don’t cause no real harm. He’s never so much as tried to touch anyone, let alone eat their brains. So when he come up out of the grave and walked in and turned on the teevees in the house we just figured we oughta let him. Now he comes up every couple days.”

Dead Elvis moved closer to her, his hips kicking out a little with the old verve, even though (if she was being honest) he shambled a bit, too.  He held up a CD to her.

“You oughta buy this one,” he said to her, his voice only a little slurred.

Elvis’ Greatest Love Songs, Vol. I.

He winked at her.


A 250=1 story is exactly 250 words long, including the title. Here's a list of all of them, ever! 

This story was actually inspired by Nigel Mitchell's newest book, Hunting Elvis Presley for Fun & Profit. Nigel is a prolific sci-fi/speculative fiction writer (often with a humorous twist) and doesn't just write a lot, but writes very well.

Check out Nigel's blog here, and click here to check out Hunting Elvis Presley for Fun & Profit as well as all Nigel's other books


Lexa Cain said...

That was entertaining - and quite original. Thanks! :-)

Andrew Leon said...

thank you very much

Briane P said...

Nailed it, Andrew.

Glad you liked it, Lexa! Always nice to see some new commenters here.

Nigel G. Mitchell said...

Awesome! Can't believe I had anything to do with it. Great story too. If Elvis came back, it would be cool. Heck, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger...night of the living dead sexy

Briane P said...

Nigel, now you're one of my muses! You, Andrew, Rusty, and pizza.

(Pizza is in charge).

Pat Dilloway said...

Zombie Elvis would be the greatest marketing coup of all time.

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