Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Genius Mug

She sat down at the desk, an old desk that had belonged to her grandfather after it was made by his grandfather, by hand, in the workshed that used to stand out behind the barn.  The barn was gone now, all the grandfathers before grandfathers before grandfathers having preceded the barn into the emptiness that exists when someone or something leaves this world to go on to something else.  But the desk, stolid, stood.

Outside, the last few leaves of fall sat lifeless in the road, driven there by nightwinds that had whipped the trees against the roof and awakened her, early, a fog that did not quite reach to the ground matching the fog in her mind that did not quite reach to her mouth.

"Today," she thought.

"Today, I will write."

She sipped coffee, and it burnt her tongue just the right way, the way it had the first time she ever tasted coffee, 9 years old, her mother offering the cup to her on a morning not so different from this one.

"Today," she said aloud.  "Today, and every day, I will write."

SEE WHAT THIS MUG CAN DO FOR YOU? Write, today, and every day, with words of inspiration from Jack Kerouac -- the source of these quotes -- and find the Genius that you have within you all the time.


OK, so this was an ad -- but a good one, right? Maybe think about buying that mug.  But more importantly, 

this week, I read a post from a writer who was very desperately trying to convince people they should not write or publish as often as they would like to do so.

I did not like that advice, and I wrote a rebuttal to it; you can find it by clicking this link, and I thought it appropriate to mention in that rebuttal Kerouac's advice for writers, which is what gave me the idea for making this mug.

ALSO! Don't forget, lit is paying you to write!  Click the We Pay For Stories tab at the top of the page for details.


Andrew Leon said...

That's a great lead up to an ad for a mug. Unfortunately, I don't need a mug, right now, because I have my awesome Yoda mug, and any other mug would just sit in the cabinet.

I do have a story I'm working on, but I'm not sure when it will be finished. The first 1000 words or so will be on the writing site I'm on pretty soon.

Briane P said...

Maybe I'll give a mug to the first ever contest-winner.

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